About Us

About Us

Professional Logistics Partner

We are proudly providing integrated logistics services around Victoria, Australia. Nikhil Gursahani began his journey as a driver progressively with determination and further established his own logistic company in 2016. With a constant development into a solid logistics solutions provider from courier services & transportation to van rental services with established safety records & quality technology to support our operations. Our Customer requirement concerns are always at the forefront of our minds. Kiren logistics is one of the best partners for your business, as our inspiring relationships and tailored services to your business requirements. All services in a specialized area are executed with a standard mechanism, a specific industry method according to requirement.

Kiren logistic offers a wide range of logistics services including complete solutions for Transportation businesses, Medical services & pharmacies, goods for construction sites, foods material, and many more. In addition, logistics support, over-dimensional transport, specialized projects, and time-sensitive services. Our client's service team is the propulsion behind our customers and company bond towards the delivery of all best practices. Our courier services are always with you with anytime delivery 24 hours 7 days a. We have a dedicated team to cater your services during non-working hours too.

Logistics & transportation Services


Our goal is to consistently be a vital partner to our clients by supporting them with convenient services. We want to help them to place their parcel quickly and on time and with the addition of a van rental service. We aim to provide customized logistics solutions as per the client's needs.


We have the mission to provide reliable, secure, and consistent service to our clients. We aim to provide world-class logistics services. We are innovative in our approach to improving the transportation experience of our clients. We always give our 100% to overcome the challenges faced by the companies.

Few Words From Director

Our core team goal is basically to achieve a customer-centric company, where customers can easily access whatever they want with our structural delivery and transportation service.

Founded in 2016 as Kiren logistic company, the company has fundamentally shifted over the years & currently serves thousands of customers together in the B2B and B2C worlds. “I would like to make every partner happy and feel proud to connect with us – that means our staff, and also our customers.”

Our strengths are in-depth knowledge of our business, our field, and, especially, an ambitious and trained team. We can deliver solutions to particular difficult logistics problems, ensuring that our customer’s freight reaches its final location on time.

We strive to supply straight integration to establish deep-rooted partnerships succeeding in market leadership.

Nikhil Gursahani Founder of Kiren Logistics

Nikhil Gursahani

Nikhil Gursahani Founder of Kiren Logistics